The Property Team

KKOG's Property Team is drawn from a cross section of professional experience in the CANNABIS and investment sectors. It consists of three core teams; the KKOG Buying Team, whose purpose it is to seek out the best in the market, the KKOG Investment Team, who bring years of investment experience into the mix, and the Adviser Panel who are accomplished market analysts.


The KKOG Investment Team draws on decades of experience across, diversified investments, financial and technology industries to deliver a comprehensive selection on KKOG platform.


A group of highly driven and market savvy individuals, the Buying Team exemplify research driven thinking. They thrive on statistically proven data and grass roots research.


With the aim of providing KKOG investors with the best in CANNABIS expertise, we sought a diverse range of skill sets and perspectives. The Adviser Panel has been carefully selected to bring robust results to the grow ops.

Founder and Executive Chairman
Christopher Lyon
Chief Operations Officer
Fabien Anthony
International Relations
Kristian Grant
Cultivation Supervisor
Our Investment Philosophy
All our property acquisitions are based on a purely results driven mandate, with the sole purpose of securing KKOG investors balanced and diversified investment opportunities.
Our Acquisition Strategy
The Property Team meets quarterly, and reviews the immediate and ongoing needs of the KKOG Portfolio. Taking into account market conditions and the KKOG community, the Team aims to keep the property acquisition strategy responsive.